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Welcome to Chemi-Tech

We provide every employee with a safe and good working environment, as well as sound basic benefits and diversified supplementary benefits

Company benefits include:

  • Perfect employee social insurance
  • housing fund
  • Employee health check
  • Commercial accident insurance
  • employee paid leave
  • staff working lunch
  • staff training opportunities
  • Other Human Welfare Care

If you have not found a suitable position yet, but intend to join Nansong Kaibo, please send your resume and
your intended position to the following email address.

No. 1 Zitong Avenue, Maliuzui Town, Banan District, Chongqing, China.
Headquarters Tel: +86-23-88961571
Sales Department Tel: +86-23-88961568
Fax: +86-23-88961567

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