Safety and Environmental Protection

Our company implements the responsibility of the corporate social subject, strictly controls the environment, health and safety and other links; through regular internal and external audits, our company ensures the safety of the lives and property of employees, and ensures that our company's environment, health and safety are legal and compliant.

Environmental protection:
Our company has built a sewage treatment facility with a designed treatment capacity of 500 m³/d, and COD online monitoring equipment, ammonia nitrogen online monitoring equipment, pH online monitoring equipment, and flow meter online monitoring system are installed in the effluent, thus the wastewater monitoring data is transmitted to the municipal competent unit in real time through the data acquisition instrument network.

Occupational health:
The company pays attention to the impact of the working environment on the physical and mental health of employees, distributes the required labor protective equipment to employees, organizes and carries out occupational health training, occupational hazard factors monitoring in the workplace, and occupational health examination before, on and off the job. The company implements GB/T 45001-2020/IS045001:2018 management system standard, with occupational health and safety management system certification certificate.

Safety management:
Our company pursues the goal of zero accidents and zero injuries, implements a safety management mechanism of "being comprehensive, all-staff, all-round, whole-production process, and all-weather"; through strengthening the standardization construction of safety production, implementing safety risk classification control and the preventive working mechanism of hidden danger investigation and governance, we have a good ability to provide guarantee for the safe production of our company.

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